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Your Male Health Score is 27/100

This is a personal report generated on 04-16-2024.

We do not provide specific tips for this scoring because you need professional help.

Your test clearly reveals poor/unhealthy male health. These levels are associated with a dangerous blockage currently occurring inside your body, which has been causing harm for some time now.

Harvard researchers have shown that, when left untreated, this blockage continuously causes:

  • Muscle loss,
  • Prostate issues,
  • Low libido,
  • Weight gain,
  • Male organ shortening,
  • Erectile dysfunction.

Once you are experiencing some of these, treating this dangerous blockage would completely transform your male health.

Talk about this matter with your urologist or health professional as soon as possible because the symptoms will get increasingly worse over time.

Do not accept the typical answer that everything is normal with age. These symptoms may be common, but they are not normal and seriously harm your male health.


By the award-winning,

Daily Health team.

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