"Deadly root cause" making people gain weight continuously

I was one of the few invited American Doctors to attend Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara‘s conference where he exposed for the first time in the West the real root cause of obesity, which scientists from the US, Canada and Japan just agreed to be the reason why people over 40 only gain weight, no matter what they eat.

“Toxins derived from specific green vegetables profoundly change the structure of the adipose tissue and shut down our natural calorie-burning mechanism.”

On that day, everything finally made sense. He explained in detail why it’s impossible to cut weight if people don’t address these toxins that bind to fat cells, shutting down metabolism and causing abnormal inflammation and weight gain.

Although it was immediately covered up, Dr. Shigeaki also revealed this 1-step technique that anyone can do at home to eliminate these lethal toxins in minutes. Now listen, I know from an inside source that Pharma will remove this short video today (05-21-2024), so this is truly the last chance to learn it!

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